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    Appeastern taxi app development solution comes as a rescue in the race of modern
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Online Custom Taxi Booking App Development Services In USA

In a world full of taxis, “Uber” happens to be at the top of the list - but the competition doesn’t end here, as the world has enough room for more on-demand taxi mobile applications. If you own a fleet of taxis or want to run an aggregator business model, we can help you with custom taxi booking app development. Count on us to develop taxi booking applications like UBER happens to be super convenient for passengers, taxi drivers, and managing authorities.

Appeastern is the best online cab booking app development company with a team of taxi app developers experienced in developing all types of mobile applications, especially those that require real-time location search and section navigation. Our Intelligent Taxi App Solution can also be integrated with payment integrations to allow your riders to make instant payments using their preferred digital payment channel.

The application is integrated with cutting-edge features that simplify day-to-day business management for administrators. Features for administrators are inspired by the world's most famous taxi apps and reproduce the same, if not better, convenience. With that being said, our custom taxi application development solutions are best suited for start-ups, cab booking companies, and corporations looking forward to automating taxi operations and expanding their market!

Appeastern offers a Complete Range of Taxi App development Solutions

Passengers, drivers, and the admin — each one of them come with their own needs and desires. A top taxi booking app development company's ideal custom taxi booking app should be enriched with quality features, which can turn out an average ride into a memorable one!

App for Passengers

It includes easy signup for the services, quick booking, source to destination pinning, ETA, Fare estimation, driver information, and several other features that make the app fantastic. Our custom taxi app developers are highly motivated to provide quality taxi mobile app development services so that the passengers can have a safe medium for travelling!

App for Drivers

The driver panel facilitates seamless driver registration, query processing, dashboards, real-time navigation, earnings, ratings and feedback. Our Affordable iOS and Android taxi app development services are catered precisely according to the needs of drivers.

Admin Panel

The taxi booking app management panel has an advanced dashboard that includes more features like route planning, trip assignment, vehicle tracking, fare management, push notifications, reporting, etc. We are the best custom transportation app development company that emphasises breaking complex functionality into simple solutions.

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On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development Features

Email Verification

Schedule Your Ride

Track Driver

Share Ride

Contact Driver

Appeastern | Custom Mobile App Development

Cancel Ride

Refer and Earn

Call Support

Support Friend

Notification Alerts

Bespoke On-demand Taxi Booking App Development: The Pivotal Features

Appeastern is a leading name for providing the best On-demand taxi Booking App Development Services. The custom taxi app, especially Uber-like clones, rely on different frameworks and APIs for navigation; thus, our taxi app developers in the USA try to enrich the app with unique features that would surely provide you with a profound experience.

Passenger Panel

Easy Registration

Going with our custom car booking app development in the USA means a quick, smooth and super easy registration process!

Quick Booking

With the services of our premium taxi booking mobile app development company, taxis are now just a click away!

Destination Selection

Providing premium integration of Google Maps, passengers can easily choose their pick up and drop-offs.


Our best taxi app development firm in the USA develops a powerful GPS tracking system in our apps that keep our customer posted about all the ETAs.

Fare Estimation

Our Online Custom Taxi Booking App Development Services In the USA come in handy with an intelligent system that provides customers with valuable insight into the fare.

Driver Information

After booking the taxi, the user would be able to receive all the necessary details about the driver, including his previous ratings posted by other customers.

Appeastern | Custom Mobile App Development
Appeastern | Custom Mobile App Development

Driver Panel

Smooth Signup

Drivers can easily signup by providing their legal identification and social security number.

Request Handling

Based on the availability, a driver can accept or reject the ride request done by the customer.

Driver Dashboard

The control panel allows a driver to keep track and control all the activities.

Live Navigation

Being leaders of custom taxi app development supports live navigation.


Our custom taxi app developers integrate the apps accordingly so that the driver can track down his annual, daily, weekly and monthly earnings with ease.

Ratings & Reviews

The drivers can rate and review the passengers without any hesitation. A driver or cab owner can also see the ratings given by other drivers to a particular passenger.

Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard happens to be one of the main features of an app that provides managing authorities with widened access to advanced features. With its help, administrators can control all application activities, including drivers and user-related activities.

Assign Trips

If there is a problem in the driver's dashboard, the admin can plan the trip directly from his dashboard. Notifications play directly from the driver.

Fare Management

Management can quickly figure out rates for all areas with features like base rate, rate per minute, and waiting time!

Vehicle Tracking

It enables real-time vehicle tracking to ensure better customer service and better security.

Push Notification

Admin can send push notifications to update riders and drivers about any promotion, delay in the ride, etc.

Report Generation

Reports can be easily generated for analysis and strategic decisions.

Appeastern | Custom Mobile App Development

Why choose our Taxi App Development Services

Appeastern has successfully delivered 20+ custom taxi app solutions to our taxi startups and business clients. While Delivering Online Custom Taxi Booking App Development Services In the USA, our top taxi app developers are highly motivated to take on challenges to develop a masterpiece that will assist you in every area. Following are some of the reasons why we are a leading taxi application solution provider!

Latest Technology Integration

Appeastern is proud of having a tech stack to our name that regularly grows at a certain pace. This allows us to deliver future technology to our customers today. Rest assured your app will remain on the trend for a prolonged time!

Focus on

Appeastern acknowledges that not every problem comes with a straightforward solution. Therefore, we focus on technological innovation to find creative solutions to the most complex hurdles.

Passionate Team

Appeastern consists of a strong team of taxi app developers, UI/UX designers and project managers who are passionate about making a name for themselves in the digital world - and that can only be done by providing you with a premium digital solution!

Application Reliability

In terms of reliability, Our taxi app solutions are the best in the business. Our team put their exceptional skills to work to design a custom taxi application that is highly reliable and extraordinarily well grounded.

24/7 Support

For us, our clients matter! By getting on with our custom taxi app development services, you’ll be getting 24/7 support from our expert team, who’ll be there for you through thick and thin.

Easy Server Deployment

Our taxi application development company will help you deploy your custom taxi app on the server and cloud of your preference!

Get Affordable Taxi Booking Application Services Now!

Most people use taxi services for their daily commute, which is one of the reasons why taxi services are becoming a hit! We've developed dozens of custom on-demand booking apps for clients of all levels. We know the needs of the passengers and a transport company; hence, the solution we develop fits best with all niches! Choose Appeastern as your taxi app development partner and let us build a brilliant local transport attraction app and create your booking and sharing app like Uber for iOS and Android.

Choose Appeastern as your taxi app development partner and let us build a brilliant local transport attraction app and create your booking and sharing app like Uber for iOS and Android. We design and run an on-demand taxi app to redefine your taxi business!

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