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Custom Real Estate App Development Company’s versatile Features

Real estate apps can have various features depending on what you want to accomplish with them. Every mobile real estate developer we have is an expert at adding rich features and functionality to apps. As a leading provider of web app and mobile property development services, we add the latest features to ensure your app stays relevant to the market.

Dynamic App

Improve the entire app experience by making it easier for them to view locations and points of interest.

Property Listing

We keep our property listings user interface simple and focused on helping users.

Promising Results

The admin oversees results or requests linked to adding a property, purchasing requests, or selling requests.

Manage The Revenue

The administrator keeps track of and manages the entire revenue generated by property sales.

Customer Service

Admins are usually capable of giving top favorable results so that users feel secure when using an app.

Transferring Currency

We allow users to switch the currency to their domestic currency because we supply universal solutions.


The admin security measures transform and modify users based on their actions inside the program.

Leads Management

Using the Leads management, the admin may oversee the entire process from lead capture to ending.

Innovative Search Functionality

We provide an advanced property search function that allows users to filter results by location and cost.

Dynamic App

Improve the entire app experience by making it easier for them to view locations and points of interest.


The features of a real estate mobile app should be engaging enough to allow the user to sort properties according to their requirements.

Payment Integration

Our real estate app development business can assist you in determining and applying the best monetization model for your app.

VR Tours

We provide virtual tours of homes and other properties for sale or rent using top technology such as AR & VR.

3D Property View

Because of technological advancements and high-resolution images, real estate apps now feature a 3D property view option.

Think comparing

Compare many properties based on various criteria such as size, value, area, and space planning.

RETS Software

It serves as a link between a real estate app and the actual data on the app. It aids in the optimization of data on the mobile device.

Create Account

Agents must create an account on the app by providing their email, other information, or by using their social media access.


It keeps users loyal and informed about all of the app's properties.

Profiles Authentication

The administrator also must authenticate the profile. This step is critical for the app's legitimacy to be protected.

Brokerages Fee

Analyze the cost of a real estate transaction based on a variety of parameters.


It is a monetization approach used by app developers to maximize income.


Optimize solutions to property-related inquiries from potential traders.


Transform listing, add new real estate listings and eliminate aspects once a deal is done.

Lookup A Property

Users can begin searching for the ideal properties once their profile has been approved.

Our Ideal Custom Real Estate Mobile Apps

Appeastern is a custom real estate mobile app development company In USA, which comprises professional real estate app developers who design, develop, and market iOS and Android apps for agents and brokers. With our Custom real estate mobile app development services, you can surely stay connected with your potential leads and can stay in touch with the home buyers while providing them seamless services all day long!

But with custom real estate app development company, you don’t have to worry about the pricing. Being a highly Affordable real estate mobile app development company, we provide top-rated real estate mobile app development services that focus on providing a user-centric experience to help you get on your potential leads. Create your own custom real estate app, reinvent your real estate lead generation & marketing strategies with Appeastern, and turn your real estate into a brand!

Navigate Property

Find your ideal home and narrow down the results by location, price range, and other factors.

Selection Panel

Mark, your favorite so you can contact the owners for more information and visits later.

Meeting with Owner

Use the built-in chat tool to easily contact the owner and have secure conversations.

Owner's Contact Details

Easily communicate with the owner using the inbuilt chat interface that facilitates secure conversations

Want to Build Your Own Real Estate App?

Providing Affordable real estate mobile app development services

Appeastern is recognized as one of the most affordable real estate app development companies in the United States, addressing the unique needs of real estate businesses and creating innovative solutions that best match the changing expectations and behavior of buyers and sellers while making it easier to browse through properties with your own Real Estate Agent App.

Various industries, including real estate, recognize the importance of custom real estate applications as they evolve to become the digital solution everyone is looking for! As an on-demand real estate app development firm, we believe in developing business apps that serve as a fully digital solution for all types of consumers. Our

A robust real estate application with rich functionality will help your business achieve profitable benefits such as: B. Gaining Quality Leads, Delivering Greater Customer Satisfaction, and Overall Growth. Such an application allows you to provide your users with a single marketplace where all properties are hosted for sale, sale, or rent. Users can easily view each property in detail with pictures and schedule meetings with owners, agents, and consultants.

Our team of professionals at Appeastern can help you implement robust real estate applications. Our primary mission is to develop an online realtor database app like that of Zillow, which offers users access to 'zillions' of data on real estate and properties. From virtual tours to immersive experiences, Automate your business with feature-rich apps and IT Solutions with us!

What Our Clients Say About Us


Is it profitable to build a real estate app?

Yes, the real estate industry is quite profitable. To get into the field, all you have to do is start with the right planning, put in 100% work, target the right audience, and more.

What advantages might custom application development provide to the company?

Appeastern is a company that provides real estate mobile app design and development services in Florida, USA. We specialize in offering mobile solutions for the real estate industry. By Hiring our app developers, you would be getting the following advantages:

  • Enhances brand recognition.
  • Increases sales and returns on investment.
  • Provides a higher level of protection.
What are the solutions provided by mobile app development firms?

Our team offers high-quality real estate mobile app design and development services to ensure that property management and client monitoring can take place. Further more, these are some of the many solutions we provide:

  • Development of custom iOS and Android apps
  • Development of Progressive Web Apps and Cross-Platform Apps
  • User interface/user experience (UI/UX) design services
  • Porting of mobile apps
  • Prototyping and consulting
What are the best practices for data sharing between online and mobile platforms?

Appeastern delivers the best real estate application development services that help to connect all the stakeholders- sellers, buyers, and real estate. We begin by constructing a central database to store all of your data, and then we create an interface (API) to allow web and mobile apps to send and receive data - all of this within a reduced real estate app development cost!