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Top10 Mobile Technology Trends

The mobile app development industry is developing at a breakneck pace. To survive and thrive in this digital Darwinian era, you must be familiar with changing trends in mobile app development.

Today, smartphones are the key to digital media success. It is fundamentally changing business models, operating models, and markets at a staggering speed. By 2022, the mobile app market revenue is expected to reach $693 billion.

However, another scary truth is that most mobile apps fail. Failure to follow and implement the latest technology trends in mobile applications is the main reason for this failure. 

This loss also means a loss for competitors who are better able to adapt technologically. Working out and applying some mobile app development tips can greatly improve your app.

For your mobile app to be successful, the first step is to keep up with the 2022 mobile app development trends – and we’re here to help!

In the guide below, our experts have narrowed down some of the viable mobile technology trends that are sure to take you to a whole new level in 2022! 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

“AI” – Thinking of automatic facial recognition that makes portraits easier? No longer a feature, but a standard. Automatic filters and cameo creation have been some of the drivers of Snapchat’s success. 

Thus, it is seen that machines capable of image recognition and natural language processing using AI-powered functions in applications will also be a growing trend in the future.

All AI-powered mobile apps are completely contextual. Today, AI applications are known for their voice recognition capabilities, intelligent in-camera filters, and automated assistants that adjust the camera before it is clicked. 

In addition, the most powerful mobile apps powered by AI are Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. However, the possibilities for AI applications in custom mobile app development are endless.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is directly related to cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the most famous.

The initial plan and focus was the creation of a decentralized database, e.g., Resistant to kidnapping and fraud. It is used to secure payments or network access by generating multiple identification tokens. 

When an organization has a decentralized database, no one can change the records in the database without being granted authenticated access.

Furthermore, technology mobile is often found in cryptocurrency content today, but it is still diverting the interest of tech giants. You can imagine the extent of its power from the update Microsoft introduced to its blockchain-based framework called Coco. 

This framework aims to increase blockchain adoption in the corporate sector. In addition, it is expected to provide the impetus for the development of blockchain-based custom mobile applications.

5G mobile network

5G cellular technology has entered the technology market and is now ignoring 4G/LTE technology. It is said to transfer data at a speed of 100 GB/s, and the standard is said to enable the Internet of Things. 

Therefore, companies developing mobile applications should rely on the latest technologies with high transfer rates and be ready to expand their offerings. In addition, 5G infrastructure spending is expected to reach $2.3 billion by 2022.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a new buzzword in the tech market, but it is old mobile technology for manufacturing. It is based on the idea of ​​connected machines that share information to work together effectively in manufacturing and heavy engineering. 

Although it has been implemented in many corporate sectors, it has recently emerged in the consumer market with smartwatches, smartphones, smart home appliances, and even smart refrigerators. At this rate, the IoT market is projected to reach $1,319.08 billion by 2026.

Mobile apps and smartphones are the smart hubs of smart devices today and will remain so in the future. 

In addition, countless new engines are expected to drive the cross-platform mobile application development model of leading software development agencies. 

So it is not easy to build such an application that works effectively on smartwatches and smartphones.

AR and VR

Augmented Reality aims to improve the user experience of the natural world! 

AR has great potential for use in various industries such as beauty, fashion, furniture, and utilities. By 2022, augmented reality is also expected to facilitate app development trends in business niches such as healthcare, engineering, real estate, retail, and others.

Virtual reality is another trend for mobile app development in 2022. 

This allows us to replicate similar products, which are relatively difficult and expensive to build. Some VR applications are also designed for business distribution. Hence, it won’t be wrong if we claim that VR and AR is a fruitful mobile technology for manufacturers! 

As every consumer prefers to be connected to the internet when using their mobile devices, companies have the opportunity to develop their own mobile applications that integrate with VR technology to enhance their customer experience. 

Thus, 2022 marks the era of the introduction of augmented reality and virtuality applications.

Beacon Technology

Bluetooth-enabled beacons are not new to the market, but they are attracting a lot of attention as they allow both online and offline operations. 

Beacon technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLC) signals. So when you enter the beacon area of ​​your phone, the app will receive nearby alerts and provide relevant guidance and notifications. 

Beacon Technology is among the new cellphone technology that comes in handy with a potential trend in the marketing industry and is narrowing the bridge between consumers and businesses. 

Many businesses, such as hotels, museums, health care, etc., have implemented beacon technology in their services.

Enterprise Mobile App

It is a type of mobile application which is developed and launched by certain organizations for their internal and external employees. Company team members can perform various activities and functions to manage the organization. 

Today, enterprise mobile application development has become a major trend all over the world. Also, various reports show that companies make more profit when they have access to the company’s mobile apps. 

Therefore, by 2022, every type of organization is expected to be able to develop enterprise mobile applications for its organization. 

Final Word 

With that being said, these are some of the growing trends in the world of mobile app development! 

The pandemic has increased reliance on the internet more than one would imagine in a normal world. Social behavior and attitudes have changed, and people will continue to rely on these apps to provide them with essential services as they have during the pandemic.

This opens up opportunities for companies to come up with new and innovative ideas that can contribute to people’s convenience. Anyone who puts the customer at the center of their ideas is one step away from success!