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Top 10 Healthcare Mobile App Development Trends in 2022

With positive advancements being witnessed in technology, the health industry has also taken a leap to mold the world into a better place. 

Digital healthcare happens to be the heart of medical programs, and since we all were under the global pandemic, people have started prioritizing healthcare from the comfort of their homes – this is the way to stay safe right? 

But how is it possible to have all the necessary digital health solutions around you? 

Here is when the best health application comes in! 

The healthcare mobile app development empowers doctors, clinicians and hospitals to provide premium facilities to their patients, and be there for them in every walk of life. 

Just like every other industry, the healthcare industry seems to be undergoing a rapid change. For which it becomes important for the developers to stay in-touch with the latest healthcare trends, to develop an exemplary and unbeaten app. 

With that being said, some of the best healthcare mobile app development trends are being enlisted below. Follow up with these trends, and vouch yourself for the advantages it will bring to you. 


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  • Healthcare wearable and sensors

Healthcare apps that come loaded with wearable technology integration can turn out to be productive to keep a routine check on your health vitals and ensure that everything is in order. 

Wearables are smart technology that monitors and tracks your physical activities – from blood pressure till your heartbeat to your anxiety. 

The sensors wearable technology comes with are renowned for helping users lead a quality life by monitoring your sleep and reducing your stress. 

According to the market research, it’s said that wearable healthcare mobile app development is projected to reach $100 billion by 2023. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

Just like every other thing, AI is playing an active role in bringing the best out of the healthcare industry. 

As per statistics, it’s predicted that Artificial Intelligence would be bringing a heap amount of profits to the healthcare industry, and would continue to increase by 50 percent till 2035.

AI technology uses machines to manage complex and multiple tasks at a time, which eradicates the chances of error in the healthcare industry – that too with an opportunity to unlimited reputation of data over a prolonged period. 

Services like X-Rays, CT-Scans and Ultrasounds can easily be done with this emerging healthcare mobile app development trend. 

  • Patient-Generated Health Data

As the name suggests, the data that is collected from either the patients or their family members is called PGHD or patient-generated health data. 

This is the kind of data that includes every medical history that the patient used to have, the diseases he has, the past treatments he has undergone, and the lifestyle he lives. 

PGHD kind of healthcare mobile app development makes it easier for the user to have the complete info about the patient they are getting indulge with. This application not only reduces manpower, but it’s a hassle-free way to know about patients. 

While having healthcare mobile app development in process, this trend is surely worth remembering!

  • Telemedicine Apps 

With an estimated growth of about 120 percent, Telemedicine is another fastest growing trend in the healthcare industry. 

Thanks to this app, there’s no need to be physically present in front of the doctor to get yourself checked. This app allows doctors to examine their patients virtually, and recommend them the medicines over the comfort of their home. 

Eradicating the need to get out of the house, Telemedicine healthcare mobile app development is surely doing wonders for users! 

  • Cloud-based solutions

Keeping patients records while managing and collecting data counts to be an indispensable part of the medical services. For every health supplier, dealing with data has always been a troublesome task – and the only ray of hope present is the cloud-based solutions.

 Integrating Electronic medical records and electronic health records with cloud systems makes it easier for an individual to access patient records, medical bills, insurance plans, etc with ease. 

According to the global forecast, the market for healthcare cloud computing would be growing at a rate of 18.1% by 2025. Hence, the last thing you would ever want to do is to miss out on this emerging healthcare mobile app development trend.

  • Blockchain in Healthcare mobile app development

You can only glimpse that a thousand patients walk in and out of a hospital in a day – which simply reflects on dealing with loads of payments and data in a day. 

The Healthcare industry lacks ensuring a safe and secure mode of payment and the right standards to manage health records. However, ever since Blockchain technology is introduced, integrating secure mode of payments won’t be an issue now. 

Blockchain is a comprehensive technology that plays a vital role in sharing and storing medical records and data, while making sure that the entire record is secure and safe from getting into the hands of a fraud. 

The Healthcare industry is always on the lookout for blockchain applications. Hence if you are planning to lay your foot in the healthcare industry, this is the emerging trend that you need to follow!

  • Virtual Reality

After revolutionizing almost every kind of enterprise out there, AR and VR are now prepared to enrich the health industry with its uncountable perks. This technology has turned out to be fruitful for the patients in pain management. 

Moreover, women that are about to become new moms are furnished with AR and VR technology to make them forget about the labor pain! 

  • The Internet of Medical things 

The Internet of Medical things is a methodology that incorporates utilizing various wearables like ECG and EKG monitors. 

Thanks to this approach, it has become easier for professionals to check human body vitals like glucose level, skin temperature and pulse readings. 

According to research, it’s suggested that this approach would be worth $6.2 trillion till 2025. 

Hence, one simply can’t miss out on this emerging trend of healthcare mobile app development.

  • Contact tracing technology

For people who caught up with Covid-19 were meant to be under observation of the doctors in their quarantine period. 

Thanks to contact tracing technology, it has become easier for the authorities to identify, trace and monitor the people who are observing their quarantine period. 

Recently, the government of Singapore is making use of this technology to know the whereabouts of the infected people. 

We are in 2022, and still variants of Covid-19 don’t seem to stop. Hence, it’s a fact that for the upcoming years, contact tracing technology will remain on the top of healthcare mobile app development trends! 

  • Mobile health   

Having a premium open-source programming structure like Carekit introduced by Apple, it has provided the healthcare mobile app development teams with a platform to build incredible health care apps and an opportunity to contribute to medical research effectively. 

As big names like Apple are taking part in this particular industry, don’t you think it’s pretty obvious that the rise of this industry is destined! 

Final Word 

While wrapping it all up, we would like our readers to know that all of these trends are hand-picked and then written in this guide after evaluating the scope for each of these trends. 

Which simply means that by following these trends above, your business is sure to prosper!