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The Average Cost of Mobile App Development in 2022

“How much does it cost to develop a mobile app development” is one of the many questions that pop into the head of business owners and entrepreneurs often. Our response to this justified question is pretty straightforward – “It depends”. 


While going on a shopping spree, you will come across things that come with a fixed price tag, but this isn’t the case with mobile app development. 

Think of any product you purchase lately, whether it be a car or a new smartphone, you may have witnessed that the special elements of these features are the ones that determine its final price. The same goes for mobile applications as well. 

Now the real question is “how one can determine the cost of developing a custom mobile app, especially when you are getting an application for your business for the very first time?” 

Well, as said above, the cost of a custom mobile app solely depends on the features and extra integrations it comes with. 

You can have an excellent app by just spending a couple of dollars, however, spending thousands of dollars on an application is not a success either.  

Having said that, this guide here covers the factors one needs to consider while creating an application while estimating the cost of their custom mobile application! 

Who is developing your app: Freelancer vs app development company? 

The first step towards having a custom mobile app for your business is to choose a partner who can create a profound app for you. Now, the options that people have in hand are to either choose a freelance app developer to do the job for them, or they can hire a top mobile app development agency

To be honest, both of these options are best in their own way to get started, but as per the words of our experts, if you need an unbeatable application, you need to contact an app development company. 

An app development company has an entire team of UX/UI designers, app developers, and project managers that work together under one roof to provide the best application services to you. 

Of course, the work of a professional team would be much better than the work of an individual. Though you can expect to pay around $40000-$120000 to the company, it will be worth every penny! 

Size and type of application 

Another most important factor that has a direct impact on mobile app development cost is the size and intricacy of the application. Primarily, we can bifurcate the cost of the applications into three categories: Small, medium, and large. 

Small apps are those apps that are built for a single platform, and mostly comprise limited features such as a weather app. Medium Apps are the ones that have more features than the simple ones and consist of custom UI elements. 

Large apps are the apps that are built for enterprises and big-scale businesses. These apps have complex features, bespoke UI, and API integrations, which makes this app to be highly costly. 

You would be paying around 5000$ for a simple application, and 12000$ for an enterprise app, middle app ranges in between. 

Location of your developer 

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that the location of your developer plays a vital role in your mobile app development. If your developer is in countries like Australia, Uk or USA, then you can expect to pay something around 40$ -100% per hour. 

However, if you choose an Asian country for your mobile app development then the cost would reduce to around 25$ to 40$ an hour. 

The quality and the work generally remain the same all over the world, however, it is the location that has a direct impact on your mobile app development. 

The platform where your app is built on!  

Generally, you would find developers who use two mobile app development platforms – Native and Cross-platform. 

Native mobile app development is a process where applications are built specifically for a single platform like iOS and Android, whereas a hybrid application is a kind of app that can be either available on Android, iOS, web orf other platforms. 

Each of these kinds of applications demands a different set of frameworks, programming languages, and other necessary tools needed for app development. 

Generally, it’s easier to make a native application than a hybrid application – and this is one of the reasons that you would find yourself paying an extra dollar if you go with a hybrid application. 

Native or Hybrid, all we know is that you’ll receive a great value for your money by signing up for any mobile app development service. 

Final Word 

While wrapping it all up, there is no fixed price when it comes to creating a custom mobile application. The price of the app mainly depends on the features that we have enlisted above.

You must have heard that  “You’ll get what you pay for”, same is the scenario with mobile app development. The more you’ll pay, the more profound an application you would be able to get your hands on!