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The 8 Best Apps For Book Lovers

Since the pandemic, our attention has turned back to the good old-fashioned activities – like playing board games with the family at dinner or reading dozens of books in our spare time!

While it might be hard to imagine combining reading and smartphone use just a few years ago, the two go hand in hand today.

There’s no doubt that the time we live in is certainly interesting, and although reading is a habit that has not changed for thousands of years, modern times require us to adapt and change how we read.

But like almost everything else these days, choosing the best app for book lovers requires going through several options before finding your favorite or doing extensive research in your search for it.

Lucky for you, we’ve done some of the work, so you don’t have to pay for it again and save your precious time.

Here we have made a gist of some of the best book apps that would take the reading experience of book fanatics to a whole new level! 

TED book

While you may not have heard of TED apps for books, you may have heard of TED Talks — the auditory cousins ​​of these short books. 

TED Books are typically less than 20,000 words, which the app says are “long enough to bring out a strong narrative but short enough to read in one sitting.” 

In the same vein as TED Talks, the TED apps for books are thought-provoking and encourage thought and conversation.

Happy reading

Well, if you are looking for the perfect apps for book lovers, then here is the thing that you have always been looking for!  

The happy reading app is designed to help readers discover new books that interest them, with recommendations, reviews, and much more. 

The app comes enriched with one of the coolest features -the barcode scanner, which allows users to scan a book they find in a bookstore or library and add it to the shelf “to read.” 

Install this exemplary app for book lovers, and never forget the title of a book you want to read again! 

Free books

Are you looking to get your hands on book apps for iPhone or bookstore apps for android? Then we are here with this Free book app that brings you access to loads of free books – that too for both platforms! 

From Great Expectations to Tale of Two Cities and everything in between, this is the place for almost all classics you might need to read! 

Since both the app and the book are free, it’s the perfect solution for those looking to save money. Free Book Subtitles “23,469 Classics To Go” explains the worth of this app pretty well! 

Audible audiobooks

Audible audiobooks offer a great solution for those who like good books but don’t have much time to read.

Whether on the go, working at home, or even in the office, Audible audiobooks let you enjoy stories hands-free. Books can be purchased online via Audible/Amazon and then downloaded to the app’s cloud.

The only downside is that there’s an Audible membership fee on top of the book purchase – but the first 30 days are free, and you get one credit per book per month of membership. 

For people looking for a book store app for iPhone or a bookstore app for android, this cross-platform masterpiece has surely got their needs covered! 


Yes, iBooks is one of those auto-installed apps that can’t be removed from your iPhone — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used! 

Perhaps what counts to be the best thing about iBooks is the in-app bookstore, where you can buy books, download them automatically, and then read them, all within the app. 

They also offer a free library of books to download if you want something that won’t break the bank.


Epic! is specially designed for children under 12 years old and offers access to 10,000 children’s books – including audiobooks.

Although it costs $5 per month to use, the first month is free, and membership requires no ongoing commitment. 

The app also supports up to four child profiles per account, meaning families with multiple children can add any child.

Amazon Kindle

Although the Kindle was once just a device, Amazon has expanded its popular products into sub-brands. 

The app is user-friendly and offers many unique and useful in-app reading tools such as underlines, custom font sizes and styles, dictionary definitions, and more. Plus, it syncs seamlessly across devices. 

The only major drawback of this app is that you have to buy the books separately.


Do you know that you can find over 20 million stories to read on Wattpad?  – do we need to say more? 

The app has a diverse and unique library featuring popular classics like Moby Dick and Romeo and Juliet, along with modern fan fiction. 

You can interact with other readers, work (or read) offline, and even connect with authors.

Disney Story Time

Who doesn’t love a good Disney story? Whether you’re looking for your kids or yourself — hey, we’re not judging — Disney Storytime is the perfect way to bring back childhood favorites.

From classics like The Lion King to newer releases like Frozen, these apps are truly Belle-approved.


OverDrive is essentially your electronic library, offering eBooks, audiobooks, and even streaming videos that users can “borrow” while using the app. 

Features include automatic returns (no late fees!), wish lists, blocks, and more.

The only major catch is that OverDrive is only available to those with an account at a participating library, school, or institution.


Lastly, Aldiko is one of the top contenders for the best book apps or software with its beautiful wooden shelf-like interface and many features. 

Aldiko’s simple yet beautiful interface and the many customization options it brings make it so great.

This best book app supports almost all types of digital books; This includes PDF files, EPUB files, and files encrypted with Adobe DRM. The reading experience is enjoyable, and the app has garnered many positive reviews worldwide.

There is also a premium version of Aldiko, which has several additional features. However, the free version is sufficient for a pleasant reading experience.

Final Word 

For many, books aren’t some pages to read, but they are their entire world! To cater book fanatics in their world, we have put up this guide that comes enriched with extra-ordinary book apps that would surely take the reading experience to a whole new level!