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5 Apps To Start And Run A Blog Entirely From Your Phone

Are you one of those who love to share their experiences and areas of interest with the rest of the world? Then blogging happens to be the best way to make your voice get heard! 

Blogging not only gives you a platform to pour your heart out but also provides people with the opportunity to make a healthy earning out of it – which is another reason why this is an attractive trait for many individuals. 

However, have you ever wondered how difficult job blogging can turn out to be? It takes an immense deal of patience and a profound skill set to run and maintain a blog account! 

Watching the number of bloggers reaching 31.7 million by 2022, newcomers need all the help they can get to make their blogging accounts stand out! 

Though there isn’t any magic hack we are about to disclose here, however you would be coming around some of the viable options, that can turn the odds in your favor, and can make your blogging experience into an exceptional one! 

Hence without any further ado’ let’s discover what these blogger apps for the android feature! 


WordPress happens to be a comprehensive platform that is powered by 35% of all sites across the web – which is one of the reasons why it is the top content management system around the world. 

If your blogging requires creating written content, moderating your blog comment, or saving pre-defined content in your drafts, then WordPress is the one-stop solution for you! 

WordPress allows bloggers to publish their blog posts on the go. Not only this, the user has the liberty to add photos and videos from your gallery in real-time to make your content eye-catching. 

For professional bloggers, who are interested to take their blogging skills to another level, WordPress is the vital key for them. 

For people that are keen on delivering strong messages with their words, – turns out the be the best platform for them. is super easy to use. All a user needs to do is to create an account on the web, sign in, and start his blogging career for free! 

What counts to be the best part is that this platform allows users to make their blogs SEO optimized so that it can be seen at the top of the search engines! 

With the liberty of adding pictures and videos, along with an opportunity to save pre-written drafts, is the best place for a blogger with high goals! 

Google Analytics 

How would you know that the content you are uploading on your blogging platform is interactive, catchy, and engaging your audience wisely? Google Analytics can help you in this regard!

Google Analytics is an app that is widely used around the globe. This app is a complete package that generates a complete report about every minor detail of your blogging account. From tracking your website traffic to monitoring potential leads, google analytics is surely a CCTV camera for all your blogging needs. 

For people who are struggling with their blogging accounts, and don’t know what mistake they are making, Google Analytics is the best option have in hand! 


Quora is the world’s leading platform where people can have their queries and issues resolved by experts for free. Now you must be wondering about the connection of Quora with your blogging career? 

The thing is that, for every blogger, you need a platform where you can generate traffic, showcase your content and build your network with people out there – and for that Quora is the best place for you. 

Here, you can answer the queries of the people and can link your answers to your blogging platform. This puts a good impression on your audience, and you get some extra views on your content for free! 

For bloggers who are struggling with traffic, quora is the solution for them! 


Truth to be told, creating attractive graphics can turn out to be a daunting task – especially for people who have zero connection with graphic design.  

But for an attractive blog, eye-catching graphics is a must! There is where Canva comes in! 

Canva is the best graphic design platform that a blogger can use for his assistance – that too with having zero prior graphic design knowledge. 

Quite surprising, right?

Canva allows you to create custom designs, by simply dragon drop your favorite accessories. Here, an individual has access to over 60,000 free templates created by professional designers, that anyone can use to create exceptional graphics. 

With canvas by your side, you no longer have to worry about the graphics for your blog anymore! 

Final Word 

While wrapping it all up, the apps our experts mentioned above are the best tools that enable individuals to have full control over their blogging accounts. Believe us, with these apps, having a profound blog account won’t be a dream anymore!