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Android App Consultation

The applications are the most important part of the business. If it is made well, it can raise profits. One should be very precise about the features and every minute detail of android mobile app development. But how can a non-technical person frame the application structure? Well, We have got the one-stop solution for all your android application development. Our experts will discuss each point about the application so that together we can map out the best plan which benefits your business at max. Share your requirements for android app development with us and let our consultants reach out to you at lightning speed.

Android UI/UX Designing

What do you see first in the application? Many of you see the color combination, the layout, and other visual details of the application. The visuals play a crucial role to attract the users and also hold up the interest. We, at The appeastern, have the best android app designing module which not only keeps the app look great but also compatible with the features. When talking about android mobile app development, there are thousands of ways you can make your android application look good. Our certified and well-experienced designers analyze the app domain and create the best design for the app which will be appreciated by your users.

Custom Android Development

Various businesses have various requirements and we pride ourselves at providing custom made solutions that will be in sync with your technical, business, and operational requirements. One of the very basics of android mobile app development is to ensure that your final results will satisfy your demands. For this reason, we conduct a thorough analysis of the project in terms of its key data, timelines, risks involved, and scope. Once the data is properly analyzed, we select developers whose skill set shall match with your requirements and immediately get to work.

Android App Porting

Porting is done with the main aim of saving valuable time and resources. This is done based on various target groups. Since Android application development caters to a large segment of our user base, business houses can be seen porting their applications to the Android platform and we can help you significantly with the same. Porting of applications can offer cross-platform app development, here is a complete guide for cross platform app development. More platforms also hike up the overall revenue from the application.

Android App Support and Maintenance

While most of the peer app development companies consider the project completed on delivery of the application, we treat it as a priority and provide app support and maintenance at regular intervals. We will always have your back whenever the application faces any technical glitches or requires any kind of bug removal. App support offered from our end also helps in catering to the doubts of users and delighting them with a super-fast response. This helps a lot with user retention and attracting new ones along the way.

Android App Testing

Before delivering the application, we will conduct a thorough QA and testing from the end-users. This shall help in making minor tweaks in its functionality which is going to delight the users and add to its efficiency. For doing this, we create various test scenarios and examine how the application functions in different circumstances. Here we shall test the flow of a user case along with the performance of various business rules by certifying the requirements properly.

Hire Dedicated Android App Development Team To Convert Your App Idea Into Reality

With advanced tools and technologies, we are efficient enough to create highly customized Android applications. Hire Android developers to accomplish your business needs. The requisition of Android app development has grown in all types of enterprises in the past few years. To satiate that, we are here to become your accelerator to craft brilliant Android app of your choice.

We have built a good reputation in the IT industry by providing the best results according to the customer’s requirements. Our results-driven strategies made us the top Android application development service provider across the globe.

Hire Android mobile app development team to bring your ideas into life.

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Advanced Methodology for Android App Development Software

Having hands-on experience, our Android App Development team has designed and innovated hundreds of apps that are loved by the users and had witnessed a boost in the sales. We at The appeastern provides a diverse range of services to various industry verticals like eCommerce, Finance, Media, Social Networking, Real Estate, Logistics, etc.

Being the best Android app development company in USA. We offer top-notch quality services to our global clients. We use meticulous and proven strategies to transform your idea from scratch into a masterpiece that attracts users to your business.

Get in touch with us and our top Android app developer will connect you within 24 hours.

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Our Android App Development Types

Bringing knowledge, experience, and technologies blend into one platform for creating bespoke solutions

Native Android App Development




Native Android apps are based on basic platforms like Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, Android SDK, etc. Applications based on native apps perform best due to significant access to device’s hardware and android oriented features. If you are looking for a robust solution for your business then your search to find an Android app development company is over with us.

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Hybrid Android App Development




Hybrid Android Apps are based on web technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, React Native, Xcode, etc. These apps are flexible and the code is reusable. The same code can serve on multiple platforms and thus are scalable for future business growth. Hybrid apps are packaged under the native container and are delivered as a regular app.

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Platforms Which We Use for Android App Development Software

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This cloud platform serves as a big share of this e-commerce giant’s business portfolio. It is a highly profitable division of Amazon which provides storage, servers, remote computing, networking, mobile development, email, and security services. This android app development software platform can help you in building sophisticated applications ranking high in terms of scalability, flexibility, and reliability.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure can help your organization meet various business challenges with ease coupled with its ever-expanding set of cloud services. It allows developers to build, manage, and deploy applications on a global network. Be it the Internet of Things, Business Analytics, or DevOps, you can easily come up with a cost-effective solution to your existing investments by banking on the Azure solution.


This open-source system helps with scaling, deployment automation, and management of containerized applications. 15 plus years of experience in running production workloads allows this android app development software portal in delivering best-in-class results. Kubernetes can scale without adding to your ops team as it is constructed on the same infrastructure as Google which can run billions of containers weekly.


Building apps in a fast and secure manner without having to manage the infrastructure becomes a child’s play with Firebase android app development software platform. Functionalities like database, analytics, crash reporting, and messaging help to focus more on the end-users. Firebase has the backing of Google which helps it in scaling automatically even for the largest apps.

AppCenter for CI/CD

AppCenter was specially developed for extending support to CI offerings with its Test and Distribution services. Its installation is supported by most build systems as a dependency during build time. This helps to authenticate the app post building and even upload it for device testing and distribution.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

You can now meet all those business challenges like a pro coupled with Google Cloud Platform which implements world-class infrastructure for modernizing your workloads. Multi-layered security helps in keeping your data, applications, and users protected in terms of threat detection and advanced anti-malware.

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